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Analysis of blister packaging manufacturers future development prospects

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Analysis of blister packaging manufacturers future development prospects

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The material of blister packing is used very wide, the packing program of blister packing material, the product quantity that puts in outer packing case should accord with the regulation in corresponding product packing technology standard, try to be fixed firmly, assure the product does not collide with each other. A corrugated board (thick sheet packaging) or rigid foamed plastic shall be applied to the contact area of the fixed product's pressing (cushioning) and the product, and shall be nailed on the wood cap by proper method. How the materials of the blister package come to the product packaging.

Basic requirements: unpacked products should be stored in a rainproof, ventilated and dry place. And the product pad to prevent dampness, damage. The products must pass the inspection by the quality inspection department and be accompanied by the certificate of quality. Dust and other dirt on the products must be cleaned before packaging, and care must be taken in the whole packaging process to ensure the quality of packaging. Explosion-proof electrical products and power transmission control devices shall be covered with plastic bags and then put into packing boxes.

At present, the blister industry has been continuously improving the environmental protection requirements, increasing the cost of blister packaging, imperceptibly causing a lot of pressure on the enterprises. Because blister industry contacts plastic product, manufacturing process can produce harmful gas and dust to human body harmful, cause manpower resource to be in blister industry drops sharply, rise along with price, worker pay treatment rises, make cost of blister packing industry increases further.



With the development of the packaging industry, the blister packaging industry has become increasingly strong. Up to now, blister packaging has become one of the most important methods in the packaging industry.

The blister packaging factory industry rose from the 1940s and became an important part of the processing and packaging industry. The blister packaging is to produce plastic products that conform to the product image through the processing technology of blister, and to package the products with corresponding mechanical equipment. With the development of the blister industry, the market demand, the price of blister continuously changes, at the same time affected by the market, blister packaging market is also changing.

Future development prospects of the blister industry:

In the future development, blister product demand and blister packaging manufacturers will increase, blister packaging technology and network marketing will become the main means of future blister factory competition.

Blister product division of labor is clear, have the cent of high school low grade, formed to have pertinence so professional blister packaging manufacturer, manufacturer quantity ceaseless increase, competitive strength also increases ceaselessly, the enterprise has to raise publicize strength, this makes blister packaging increased cost again. Blister packaging is facing a severe test. On the other hand, with the increase of enterprises, the quantity and quality of blister products have been continuously improved, which has encouraged the blister industry to constantly update its own industry and equipment, so that the quality of blister packaging has more room for improvement and becomes the driving force for the survival of enterprises.

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