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Talking about blister packaging manufacturers are expected to maintain good growth momentum in the coming years

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Talking about blister packaging manufacturers are expected to maintain good growth momentum in the coming years

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Blister packaging manufacturers say that the advantages of plastic soft packaging are: light weight, soft, less waste, small space, low cost and high cost effectiveness (volume and weight per unit weight), and therefore more competitive than hard packaging.

With the development of new plastic varieties and new brands, and the improvement of processing technology and machinery, the performance of materials and packaging products has been improved, which can not only reduce the consumption and cost of materials, but also meet people's requirements on the environment.

According to blister packaging manufacturers association study, nearly 10 years, used to wrap the plastic weight fell by 28% on average, reduce the dosage of more than 1.8 million tons a year, save the resources, the plastic packaging film is the most effective, account for more than 70% of savings, European annual consumption of 66.4 million tons of packaging materials, including plastic is 11.6 million tons, accounting for 17%, 50% of the packaged goods.



With the emergence of various food safety accidents related to plastics, we have entered the era of plastic color change. But even so, we can't wipe out the lightness that comes with plastic packaging. Over the years, certain materials have seemed suitable for certain applications: soups in metal cans, red wine in glass bottles, coffee in paper cups. But innovations in plastic packaging have brought plastics into a field once dominated by other materials.

Therefore, it can be said that plastic, especially plastic flexible packaging, is the most effective way to reduce the weight of packaging. The weight reduction is even larger than the recycling and recycling amount (1.5 million tons per year), which plays the biggest role in the rational use of resources.

Magazine in when it comes to the importance of plastic flexible packaging on food packaging, points out that it has become a part of culture, in addition to the packaging function, it can also prevent damaged by packaging, reduce the demand for safekeeping, provides consumers with information, more efficient service for the customer, to facilitate household goods management, and easy to store and transport. This can be indicated by the following figures: 30-50 per cent of food in developing countries is damaged in storage and transport, compared with 1-2 per cent in developed Western Europe. Plastic flexible packaging market because of its plastic flexible packaging good comprehensive performance and performance cost ratio, so that it has become one of the fastest growing varieties in packaging.

It can be seen from this, the average annual growth rate of household packaging consumption in the past and future is higher than other packaging methods, not only faster than paper packaging, but also higher than hard plastic packaging.

All in all, colorful plastic flexible packaging, with its excellent comprehensive performance, continues to replace other packaging, increasingly expanded use, reasonable prices and environmental benefits, has become the fastest growing products in the packaging industry, and is expected to maintain a good growth momentum in the coming years. Let's analyze the use of materials.

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