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Why the blister packaging manufacturers appropriate choice of thin point materials can control costs

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Why the blister packaging manufacturers appropriate choice of thin point materials can control costs

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Plastic is a hot expansion and cold shrinkage of the material, packaging production as long as there is a pattern of the mold can be a good copy of the mold packaging products so blister products are also known as process packaging, in the blister factory packaging production of this packaging first or the structure of items in the planning of plastic packaging to produce the style. Manufacturers of blister products in guangdong say each type of packaging can be produced in a different way, and that such differences can, of course, bring a special, attractive appearance and reduce costs to the packaging.

Blister products material how to choose, the main material of flocking blister packaging products have a hard plastic, plastic film thickness is in commonly 0.12 1.0 MM, commonly used film have PVC, APET, PS, PP, and so on, and there are alternative requirements of flocking, gold-plated, antistatic, conductive pills, etc., for blister difficulty and distinguish the size of the products, also the decision according to the requirements of environmental protection, and so on.



Proper selection of thinner materials can control the cost, and the cost of thicker materials will be higher, which depends on the size, weight, protective performance and other aspects of the packaging. PVC (PVC blister packaging) is one of the commonly used materials for blister packaging. It has strong toughness and good plasticity. It will become brittle in cold and cold weather.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate), known as environmental protection material, good quality, toughness, transparency, surface brightness, environmental protection non-toxic, universal transparency, but for the need of high-cycle products in thermal pressure is difficult, price is relatively expensive, high-end products with high requirements are more commonly used such materials. PS (polystyrene), small density, light, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, (plasticity is very good, but poor toughness, brittle crack, not transparent material.

Blister packing factory material is the most important a production tool, blister packing factory material also involves a lot of product surface quality and the packing material of surface quality is bad because of poor, poor surface quality of the packaging of however will directly affect the type of packaging sales, if you want to do packaging must first to select good materials, poor material can be used in, before the production of mold heat type mold production or transportation protection packaging, in SuChang generally are the most used materials, PVC, PS, PET, PP, PET - G that several kinds of materials, PVC materials were the first to have the first use of a material, PS and PP material is nearly time to start the development environmental protection material, PET and PET - a G these two materials are used for transparent and PET and PET - G is in order to better compression and materials used in production, with the material of blister material also has a variety of color yellow, white, gold foil, flocking, transparent, and so on. A variety of, the following for everyone to analyze the use of materials.

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