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Blister packaging manufacturers mainly blister varieties and categories

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Blister packaging manufacturers mainly blister varieties and categories

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Thick film blister has a large size, more complex appearance, size requirements are not accurate plastic products, some aspects can replace injection molding, FRP, metal shell, and so on. Blister mold has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, short development cycle, and its cost is 1/10 to 1/20 of the injection mold. It is widely used in automobile interior and exterior decoration, traffic and transportation, building materials, packaging, medical apparatus and instruments, household appliances, culture, education and sanitary ware, sports goods and so on. With the rapid development of the plastics industry today, the field of thick film blister is expanding constantly, and the status of its blister machinery is becoming more and more important, and it is difficult to meet the needs of users. At present, most of the thick film users are mainly imported machinery such as Taiwan production. Its energy - saving, production efficiency, high - difficulty thick - chip blister become the development bottleneck of thick - chip blister machinery. At present, few domestic manufacturers can replace the machinery of thick film blister machine manufacturers.

The production of thick sheet blister is a branch of plastic machinery in China at present. In large, all sorts of special, special, special thick sheet suction molding machine sort respect, some product still belong to blank, this is the main difference with industrial developed country. With the development of economic globalization and diversified application of products, the development of thick film vacuum forming machines in China will be accelerated and improved with the help of foreign technology. Especially in today's rapid development of electric vehicles, energy saving and light weight, various styles, the development and application of thick plastic parts become gradually increasing, and the potential market of plastic parts utilization is constantly expanding, and it is estimated that the annual output value will exceed one billion yuan in the next three years. However, the requirements for the thick film blister process and subsequent processing have become more systematic and standardized. It is an opportunity as well as a challenge, riding the wind and waves will sometimes, straight up the wind and sail crowded sea



The main types of blister products produced by our factory (material object is used as teaching material) : bubble shell on the bottom (blister shell with a world cover), blister shell, double bubble shell, folded double bubble shell, pallet, inner bracket. It will come into contact with: insert the bubble shell and triple folding bubble shell.

The types of sheet materials of the manufacturer of blister packaging: PVC, PS, BOPS, PET and PP which are not commonly used. Transparent PVC is mostly blue, with folded white; PS is mostly black and white. BOPS are mainly transparent, colorless and crisp. PET is mostly colorless and highly transparent with no folding white. PP is mostly translucent white, good toughness. Special note: PVC and PET scrap materials must not be mixed together.

What notices and documents should be read frequently on the site: the floor plan of the front door, emergency escape route map, emergency plan, various post responsibilities, company personnel structure chart, notice, production plan and training knowledge, etc. There are operation instructions, operation specifications and safety specifications of the machine beside each machine. The special process of the company is molding process, and the parameter comparison table of molding process is attached to each machine.

Site area: the site is divided into working area, stacking area and access. The working area is divided into: molding area, hydraulic press area, foot press area and mechanical press area. The stacking area is divided into: raw material stacking area, semi-finished product stacking area, finished product pending inspection area, turnover area and zero head area. The rest of the above areas are passageways. It is strictly prohibited to pile articles in the passageways.

What are the main production equipment of the company: automatic plastic molding machine, BOPS semi-automatic plastic molding machine, hydraulic press, foot press, hydraulic and mechanical cutting machine.

The process of blister production: material preparation, mold installation, molding production, semi-finished product blanking and cutting, finished product packaging, product warehousing, mold removal and cleaning

Functions of zero-head boxes and zero-head areas: after the production of a batch of products is stopped, the whole box is put into storage; after the quantity of conventional products that are not enough for the whole box is marked, the box is put in the zero-head area. When the product is manufactured next time, the whole box quantity is replenished and stored, so as to ensure that the finished products are put into storage in the whole box.

Types of moulds: blister moulds, metal cold stamping die, iron cutting die, woodworking cutting die, laser cutting die. The label on the mold.

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