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Manufacturing blister shell packaging products exist some problems

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Manufacturing blister shell packaging products exist some problems

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1. Not in place for blister: the main reason is that the production of blister shell products requires the cooperation of each link. If not strictly checked in the process of blister molding, it is easy to cause the failure of blister. In this way, there will be some difference between the final shape of the blister product and the mold, and the appearance of the bubble shell product is not good.

2. Uneven thickness: after the mold is formed, it will be necessary to adjust the mold, and then the molding of the blister product will be completed. Is the main content include: sheet ahead of time, heating temperature and time, the strength of the vacuum, and time, the location and time of the whereabouts of upper die and depth, the location of the puzzle in the mold, mold between whether to add attachments, etc., not sure any one link in place could lead to uneven thickness of blister products;

3. Cable residues: we are producing blister blister shell packaging products, and the production of thick sheet blister is to be determined by product size and shape according to the cable. When doing cutting, you should try to calculate the tension line outside the cutting size, so that the molding products will not leave traces;


4. Excessive blister: when the product is blister, the price of thick film blister machine is not in place, if the control of temperature, strength, etc., then it is very easy for the phenomenon of excessive blister to be over thin, which will affect the performance of the product.

The comparison between two kinds of forming process in the thick film blister processing

If according to the molding process to distinguish between different thick slices blister processing can be divided into plate blister and soft skin blister two kinds, although the process is different, but the basic materials are used in the acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene plates is given priority to, a small percentage will also use organic glass plate, in order to achieve the workpiece forming requirements.

With the development and application of new materials, it will become a new trend to replace the general ABS sheet with the composite ABS sheet for thick sheet plastic processing, except for adding a layer of foamed polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride material on the basis of the original material, the feeling after forming is completely different.

Different thick slices blister processing technology for application scope is also different, such as soft skin blister technology mainly used in car instrument on the stage, and the matrix generally is glass fiber reinforced plastic, and plank blister is mainly used in the same industry in the production of bus bridge in left and right sides of the plate, the top plate, back plate and some electrical box cover. As for the difference between the two, just look at the finished products.

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