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About plastic product blister packing manufacturer how should come to operate specifically?

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About plastic product blister packing manufacturer how should come to operate specifically?

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Although vacuum blister is a new kind of technology, it has obvious effect on the molding of all kinds of plastic products, and the technology can be fully developed with two basic prerequisites, that is, the selection of equipment and the making of molds. If these two aspects can be properly solved, then it is not difficult to achieve the thick film blister processing, how to operate?

In the process of plastic suction, a variety of different plastic suction mold must be used, in the production of mold must pay attention to the material aspects. The other key lies in demoulding, which should be carried out on the premise of ensuring smooth demoulding, so as to avoid the impact on the finished product. As long as these two aspects of the problem are solved, then vacuum blister can be used to make all kinds of plastic products.

In the process of blister molding, if the previous processing work is not done well, the thick blister processing products will lead to deformed products at the moment of demoulding, and the quality of the deformed products will certainly be affected. In order to avoid the recurrence of similar problems, it is necessary to formulate corresponding solutions to this problem.


In order to prevent the deformation after the blister unmold, the blister packaging manufacturer requires users to check the temperature of the cooling water first, and also adjust the water quantity of the sprinkler head, in line with the specified range. Secondly, the wind direction of each position should be adjusted so as to find the most suitable pressure for the production of thick film blister processing.

When demoulding, use the pressure of the vibration to force the smooth demoulding; If you can increase the air flow at the bottom, it is also helpful to ensure the quality of the products. If these problems are not solved, the mold can only be rebuilt to overcome the deformation problem.

According to the characteristics of the production technology of thick film blister, select the equipment that meets the needs, which can not only improve the product qualification rate, but also improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost. According to the requirements of actual operation, select automatic or manual plastic suction equipment, and at the same time, match the corresponding number of operators to carry out large plastic suction operations in good condition.

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