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Application prospect and production management of thick film blister production in automobile

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Application prospect and production management of thick film blister production in automobile

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The existence of the vehicles provided many conveniences for people's life, with the constant innovation and development of science and technology, cars of various styles and its manufacturing materials also have a major breakthrough, already gradually replace traditional materials, plastic materials for plastic can not only satisfy the carmaker to the specific requirements of the parts, also can reduce the processing cost, reduce oil consumption, auto manufacturing technology progress rapidly, will pull the growing need for automotive plastics.

At the same time, growing environmental problems and regulations on carbon emissions have led auto makers to pay more attention to the development of automotive plastics. The application of plastics in automobile industry not only can reduce automobile fuel consumption and weight, realize environmental sustainability, but also improve the flexibility and safety of design. Typical applications include automotive parts such as flow baffles, fenders, airbags and seat belts. In addition to high environmental sustainability, high-performance automotive plastics also have a strong design flexibility and operational safety. At present, vehicle plastics are widely used in parts such as bumper, engine cover, airbag and seat belt. The integration of high-performance plastics can not only reduce the weight of the car, but also play a role in shock absorption and wear resistance, so as to better extend the service life of the car.

In terms of cost, plastic auto parts more cost advantage than traditional metal parts, though, the price is higher than the automotive plastic metal materials, and has more feasibility, can greatly reduce the processing, assembly and other late fees, in addition, as the area of high-performance plastics in automobile industry in the future use, its price will fall further.

As a new type of component material, plastics can not only reduce the self-weight of vehicles, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions, but also significantly reduce procurement cost, improve automobile power and enhance its safety, and finally make cars perform better in safety and cost. There is no doubt that the application prospect of thick film blister production in automobile will be more and more broad.



What notices and documents should be read frequently on the site: the floor plan of the front door, emergency escape route map, emergency plan, various post responsibilities, company personnel structure chart, notice, production plan and training knowledge, etc. There are operation instructions, operation specifications and safety specifications of the machine beside each machine. The special process of the company is molding process, and the parameter comparison table of molding process is attached to each machine.

Site area: the site is divided into working area, stacking area and access. The working area is divided into: molding area, hydraulic press area, foot press area and mechanical press area. The stacking area is divided into: raw material stacking area, semi-finished product stacking area, finished product pending inspection area, turnover area and zero head area. The rest of the above areas are passageways. It is strictly prohibited to pile articles in the passageways.

What are the main production equipment of the company: automatic plastic molding machine, BOPS semi-automatic plastic molding machine, hydraulic press, foot press, hydraulic and mechanical cutting machine.

The process of thick film blister production: material preparation, mold installation, molding production, semi-finished product blanking and cutting, finished product packaging, product warehousing, mold removal and cleaning

Functions of zero-head boxes and zero-head areas: after the production of a batch of products is stopped, the whole box is put into storage; after the quantity of conventional products that are not enough for the whole box is marked, the box is put in the zero-head area. When the product is manufactured next time, the whole box quantity is replenished and stored, so as to ensure that the finished products are put into storage in the whole box.

Types of moulds: blister moulds, metal cold stamping die, iron cutting die, woodworking cutting die, laser cutting die. The label on the mold.

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