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Tell us about the control system of thick film blister production

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Tell us about the control system of thick film blister production

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The production of thick sheet is generally composed of plate positioning system, mould positioning system, frame system, heating system, cooling system and electrical control system.

1. The plate positioning system is generally composed of the pressure frame of the profile, the power cylinder or oil cylinder and the balance synchronization mechanism. Its function to the plastic plate plays a role in positioning. The pipe-feed frame of the straddle heating mode is upper and lower structure, and the transverse locking mechanism is added to ensure that the pipe-feed frame can be closed tightly with the plate pad. The frame can be adjusted according to the size of the mould.

2. The positioning system of thick film blister production is generally composed of upper and lower die table, upper and lower die cylinder or oil cylinder and synchronous mechanism. Its function is to accelerate the positioning of the blister mold and the mold and vacuum pipeline connection. Positioning method manual screw lock or pneumatic automatic lock two ways. The synchronous mechanism can ensure up and down mould synchronously, and ensure the precision of blister forming.

3. The frame system is generally composed of profile frame, sealed box and protective door. Protective door is divided into automatic and manual parts;

4. The heating system is generally composed of heating brick or heating tube, oven rack and power cylinder or motor;

5. The cooling system is generally composed of gas, water pipes and spray heads;


6. Electrical system electrical control system and pressure or hydraulic system work together, which can realize the process requirements (temperature, speed, time) and various program actions of the blister machine. It is mainly composed of PLC, touch screen, contactor, electronic component, temperature adjusting instrument, electromagnetic valve and sensor. There are three control methods: manual, automatic and adjustment.

The vacuum blister molding process has been known since the early 20th century but it has only been used in industrial production since the 1940s

It was in the 60s that there was a big development. In the past 20 years, it has developed into one of the most important ways to process packaging materials. The rapid development of this technology is due to the continuous innovation of the vacuum blister molding process and equipment, as well as the development of new materials with molding properties, which is also determined by the development of the packaging industry and the characteristics of the vacuum blister molding packaging itself.

Thick film blister production molding is one of the most commonly used molding methods for plastic packaging containers. It is a secondary molding technology with thermoplastic plastic sheet as the molding object. Vacuum blister molding in foreign countries is an old molding process due to the constant development and changes of high automation, mechanization and achieved no waste edge material produced 100% of the raw and auxiliary materials into products. Full line production of molding system engineering.


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